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Stealing mail in Hawaii one of the fastest growing areas of identity theft because it’s virtually impossible to prosecute and it’s so easy to do

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Mail Theft Rises in Hawaii

Identity theft from stolen mail is a growing problem in Hawaii. Over the past few years, mail theft from residential and business mailboxes has risen over 140% to an astounding rate. Stealing mail is one of the fastest growing areas of identity theft because of the ease in which it happens.

The Problem

Identity thieves will take your mail from your mailbox and look for bills, pre-screened credit offers, bank statements, checks, and anything else that will aid in them in stealing your identification.  After that they’ll do everything from taking over your bank and charge accounts to submitting "change-of-address forms" that will redirect your mail to another place other than your home. Additionally thieves who have stolen your personal information or identification have been known to sell that information to anyone who is willing to pay a small fee for it.  The most common place for selling someone identification is of course on the Internet and in Internet chat rooms.

Mail thieves quickly strike hard during the day or at night, simply because of how easy it is. You may or may not be home when you’re not hit. Mail and identity theft victims won’t even know they've been hit until weeks or sometimes months later when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Hawaii Postal Inspector Cindy Blank was quoted as saying "Mail theft is out of control at the residential mailboxes," "We've had to tell people to not put outgoing mail in their mail boxes -- to take them directly to the post office instead." Another postal inspector said that most victims have "rural mailboxes that are unsecured and that it is simply leaving the barn door open for thieves."

An increasingly new trend is that stolen mail will sometimes be bartered for drugs. Drug dealers know how valuable your mail is so they will hire drug users to steal your mail in return for drugs. Stealing checks is extremely common.  Through stolen checks and a computer, computer software makes it very easy to wash or bleach checks so they can be used or sold by criminals.

One of the last things you want to do is to put your outgoing mail in your mailbox and raise the flag. In essence you’re advertising for thieves to come and steal your mail. Instead drop it off at the local Post Office or Post Office drop box.

The Solution

The solution starts with a locking mailbox.

All of our mailboxes lock and come in a variety of sizes and colors. Our shipping prices are tailored for Hawaii residents so you won't have to pay excessive shipping charges. Our mailboxes are also available in the contiguous United States.

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